Who And How Baseline Helps

New Concept

If this is your first rodeo let Baseline help you protect your investment by providing 25+ years of expertise

Existing Concept

If you want to give your bottom line a boost, let Baseline dig into your financials and processes.

Franchise Concept

If you want to start franchising, let Baseline help you “create” the right game plan before you do.

Build Outs

Ability to create restaurant designs, blue prints, oversee construction, permitting and equipment layout.

Menu Creation

Let's build a profit driven menu from scratch with food trends in mind or alter your current menu for profitability

P&L Execution

Whether your restaurant is generating $40K or $400K a month, I can help to create P&L’s, balance sheets, general ledgers and identify problem areas with long term solutions

Lease Agreements

Whether you are leasing or buying you must make the right decisions in regards to profitability. Purchasing real estate is a much different approach to opening a restaurant and understanding the structure of a lease agreement could mean the difference between success or failure.

Staff Management

Ability to hire, train and coach any position from hourly to salaried employees/ management. Hiring, training, and environment are the key components of turnover. Your staff is everything in our industry.

Could You Use Some Help?

Lets set up an intro call to see if Baseline can help you.